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Brief on PAC-NET Women’s Health and Youth Development Initiative

PAC-Net Women’s Health and Youth Development Initiativeis a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization in Nigeria,of multi-disciplinary membership – individuals, organizations and concerns, interested in the promotion of women’s health through maternal mortality reduction and protection of women’s sexual and reproductive right; caring for victims and would-be victims of abortion/miscarriage and its complications; and the promotion of youth development including the reproductive health of young persons.

PAC-NET Women’s Health and Youth Development Initiativeinitially commenced as ‘‘PAC-NET’’, established by IPAS, an international agency with its headquarters in North Carolina, USA, in 1996.The term PAC-Net was derived as an acronym of ‘‘Post Abortion Care Network’’ , but later assumed a cooperate nomenclature status, to reflect its increased scope of activities, covering several aspect of reproductive health and youth development.

PAC-NET initially commenced in four geopolitical zones in Nigeria, uptill 2003 when the Southeast and Northeast zonal coordinates Units where established,

Essentially, there was national PAC-NET which had a con-federate status with the zonal branches. Each of the zonal PAC-NET was constituted of branches from the constituent states of the zone. The National, Zonal and State PAC-NET were all headed by coordinators.


PAC-NET was made up of the branches from the five States of the southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria – Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States. Southeast zonal PAC-NET had a youth-wing, which was inaugurated in 2008 at Nnewi by the then IPAS Nigeria Country director – Dr.Ejike Oji. Since its inauguration, the youth-wing had organized several peer-group advocacies in Anambra State where it was inaugurated.

The youth-wing had also been inaugurated and had been functional in all the PAC-NET-constituents’ states.

The increasing activities of  PAC-NET under its thematic areas and the necessity to assume international status to accommodate its expending scope of reproductive health activities informed the need to register the network with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, metamorphosing into the new name of ‘‘PAC-NET Women’s Health and Youth Development Initiative’’


PAC-Net women’s Health and Youth Development Initiative carries out its activities under four (4) thematic areas:

1. Clinical Services: This involves post abortion care, family planning services and free antenatal care.

2. Research on issues related to reproductive health and rights.

3. Training on youth leadership, emergency obstetrics care, post abortion care including the use of manual vacuum aspirator, and other high impact obstetrics interventions etc.

4. Advocacy: To provide reproductive health information to members of the public including young persons.

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