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NURSES URGED TO JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST UNSAFE ABORTION- 760,000 abortions perform annually in Nigeria- 1 in 10 Nigerian women has had an abortion- Adolescents most vulnerable to unsafe abortion- 34,000 maternal deaths occur from unsafe abortion annually in NigeriaIyienu hospital Ogidi, Anambra State of South-eastern Nigeria was the venue of the advocacy programme conducted by the youth-wing of South-East Post Abortion Care Network (SE-PAC-Net). The reproductive health enlightenment program was targeted at the student nurses /midwives of the hospital. Approximately 200 nursing students attended the enlightenment symposium which was held at the auditorium of the School of Nursing/Midwifery of the hospital. In the guest presentation delivered by Professor J.I.B Adinma, Co-ordinator of SE-PAC-Net, titled unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion. Professor Adinma defined unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion and highlighted factors promoting them. He presented the complications of unsafe abortion, and the laws related to abortion in Nigeria encoded in sections of the Criminal Code and Penal Code of Southern and Northern Nigeria respectively. Professor Adinma defined Post Abortion care, its origin and WHO�s stand on it as an instrument towards the containment of the complications of unsafe abortion in countries like Nigeria where the Law on Abortion is restrictive. He reeled out the gory statistics on Abortion in Nigeria including the information that 34,000 maternal deaths was reported in 2008 by Centre for Reproductive Right to occur in Nigeria from unsafe abortion and that one in every ten Nigerian women has had an abortion. He finally urged every nurse to join in the fight against unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion in Nigeria, to prevent maternal mortality from abortion complications.In an earlier paper presented by the youth-wing co-ordinator of SE-PAC-Net � Miss Onyinye Obiakor titled �Youths and Adolescents� Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights�. The identity and characteristics of the adolescent youths and young persons, aged between 10 and 24 years where explained. The reproductive health challenges of the growing adolescent where highlighted � physical, sexual, and psychosocial manifestations in relation to reproductive health. She clearly highlighted the picture of the typical adolescent to be the robust, restless, inquisitive and experimenting young person who is prone to make mistakes and needs to be guided in order to stay out of physical, sexual and social mishaps. Miss Obiakor also explained the role of government, health workers, parents, and indeed all adults towards directing the growing adolescents in a positive manner that will enable them develop into adults with the appropriate self-esteem. The presentations where followed by questions and answer sessions during which the students freely expressed their views and asked questions on issues related to the papers presented at the programIn her vote of thanks following the symposium, the representative of the youth-wing of SE-PAC-Net for Iyienu hospital � Miss Ebere Mmaduakor expressed delight at the program and thanked PAC-Net for finding time to hold the symposium for the nursing students whom she recognized are important human resource stakeholders in the promotion of healthcare in Nigeria. She further wished that many more such enlightenment programs will be held in the school. 

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