-medical outreach programme including diagnosis, treatment and  surgery-obsterics( outreach programme for pregnamt women-familyplanning  programmes encompassing advocacy, service delivery and follow  up.screening for cancers-breast, cervical and prostate cancers.


We reach out to women on several reproductive health issues such as  utilization of Orthodox Health Facilities, safe motherhood including  anti-natal care, safe delivery, infant care and breast feeding,  immunization and family planning.

--Reproductive health enlightenment  programme for womens group-reproductive health enlightenment for youths  in secondary and tertiary institutions-Development and empowerment  programmes for youths.


We carry various researches towards realizing the MDGs goal of reducing maternal and infant mortality.

-Surveys and studies related to reproductive health-seeking behaviours e.g family planning

-Studies related to quality of care


Training of health workers on:-Emergency obsterics care-women centered  post abortion care-high impact obsterics intervention-family planning  services

-Expanded life savings skills (ELSS) for doctors

-Life savings (LSS) for nurses

-Modified life savingsskills (MLSS) for community health extension workers

-Cervical screening

-Nutrition activities

-Supportive supervisory training for heads of department

Ttraining on community-based health insurance

-Legistlative advocay training

-Training on research/grant proposals writting

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